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Flowdzine’s core services are designed to compliment each other perfectly, or be just as powerful on their own. We focus on customers goals and satisfaction as well as aesthetics of websites in the emerging web trends.

sketch design

Designing APP/Web UI with Sketch

http://flowdzine.comDesigning web, app or software platform with sketch is essential in todays world of designing UI/UX for web and apps. Sketch app is commonly use by UI and UX designersfor their web and apps projects because Sketch made it easy for designers to collaborate and work seamlessly together and achieve one single goal. In terms of team work, Sketch provides much efficient procedure than photoshop or illustrator.

One of the most useful features in Sketch is the ability to create symbols that are quite similar to Macromedia Flash. Instances of these symbols can have the same values on a button which made it convenient.

Sketch made things easier for UI/UX designers as the app was built specifically to create web and apps. Presets of all devices are available, the grid system along with the guides are also available. Sure photoshop are able to achieve the same result and wishing the same timeframe, however when it comes to streamlining for productivity of the team, Sketch is far more superior than photoshop.
Overall I would say that it was fun and easy using Sketch but Photoshop is still one of my favourite Graphic design app there is on the market.