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Online Presence Strategy

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Online Presence Strategy is an important part of your business operations. It allows your brand to be recognise online by internet users. Now that you’ve made the decision to put a new business website among the tens of millions of others on the internet, you’re no doubt in a hurry to see the face of your company lookingback from the screen – slick, professional, inviting, with eye-catching graphics and exciting text that just begs new customers to check you out.

But right now it’s important to take a breath, clear your mind and plan, plan, plan. A well-thought-out blueprint will guide all the other decisions you’ll make in the next 10 steps. It can also help you avoid spending more than you need. Skimp on planning, and you’ll have problems down the road.

In this step we’ll cover:
• Defining your Customers and Mission
• Choosing and Buying your Domain Name
• Text, Images and other Graphic Elements
• Budgets, and Who Does What

Now let’s get going.

Web Design Bangkok – Online Presence Strategy

You may think this goes against common sense, but the essence of your Website isn’t really about you. Sure, it presents your business face to theworld and you’ll carefully make choices later on to put that together.

But your Website is a specialized tool, one that enables you to reach countless new customers and, if it’s a retail site, sell to them and process their purchases. Here, your primary purpose is to know your customers so well that youanswer any questions they might have before they ask, then make it easy forthem to buy what you’re selling. This bedrock principle applies whether you’recreating a one- or two-page site that simply tells who you are and where youcan be reached by e-mail, snail mail and phone; or a fully functioning retailsite with hundreds, even thousands, of pages and a “shopping cart” that let’syour buyers collect products and pay for them, comfortable that their financialand other personal data are secure.

Exactly who are they and what do you know about them, what they want, what they need, what they don’t know they need, what gives them the willies on the Web?

Take a look at a Bangkok condo rental website…see if you can feel the online presence on this one?

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